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Business Strength Value

Does XYZ fit into our existing channels ?
Does XYZ market to different channels? Ie construction, food service?

Is there a book online?
Is there CSR?
Will XYZ work with us once a quarter?

does XYZ fit the MWS income stream model? Ie Coolant needs a warehouse.

Is the management layered? Does it change often? Is it an owner?

Does the owner fit with our beliefs and values?
Are we friends?

do they travel to 'TOLA' territories? Are they remote from TOLA sales?

Market Attractiveness Value

Is XYZ profitable for distribution?
What is the rep commission rate?

How unique is XYZ line? How much competition do we see?
How does XYZ differ from their competition?

Do customers know the name? Do customers trust the products?
Does XYZ have dollars in our territory?

are they a leader or a follower?
Is their technology old?

are they a leader or a follower?
Is their technology old?

does the line have products that are complimentary to our existing line card?

is the company cash poor? Can they finance growth?

Optimum Position is top left quadrant

9 Cell Matrix
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