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MWS Technology application to streamline CRM efficiency

CRM Update

Sales Calls 

1% of Territory Revenue is one touch for our Family of Companies.

80% of the Win is Showing Up

Business Meeting
Utilize the Calendar on your Cell Phone, Linked to MS Exchange Outlook.
MWS tries to replace Sales Call Reports with Shared Calendars
Appgenix and others make the content dynamically searchable
Business Pro Calendar
business pro appgenix.gif
b pro month.gif
b pro agenda.gif
b pro event.jpg

CRM Update

Our value to the principle is our relationships in the TOLA Region. MWS has to continuously and consistently update our CRM information.

This is like bathing, we suggest it should be done daily!

MWS marketing emails are the tool we use to discover the personnel changes in our region.

Cam Card



CRM updates

Link the CamCard app to MS Exchange Outlook and we will edit and activate the upload in Prophet CRM



Currently Crystallume and YMW are actively requesting monthly activity reports

Principles annual survey

Several principles ask us to participate and facilitate annual customer surveys.

A searchable Calendar History makes this a breeze

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