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Time and Synergy Management

Synchronized Lines
line analisys synergy groups.GIF

Synergy by background color

Time value of Lines
line analisys time values.GIF

Time Management Driven by Tier 1 Lines

Green Letters = The top 80% of the income 

producing lines on your line card 

• Blue Letters = These are your second tier 

lines that you are trying to groom into 

future Green Letter Lines 

• Gold Letters = Lines on your line card 

that your firm feels have a promising 

future and can be grown into Blue and 

Green Letter Lines 

• Red Letters = Any line that for some reason 

may be of concern.  i.e... perception, sales, 

communications, relationship, acquisition, 


Definition of Tiers

Time Management from MANA.

“I dropped my two worst lines and started to earn tons more commission on the good lines I kept, says one rep.

“I spent way too much time on a line that didn’t pay me much but was easy to get appointments for,” says another.

“I let a couple of very demanding marginal lines schedule territory visits too often and my income from my best lines suffered as a result,” says a third.

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